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Everything you need to Know Before Watching Game of Thrones Season 7

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview: Before season six started, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss made it clear that fans were getting into a definitive extend of Game of Thrones, with exclusively ten to fifteen scenes staying taking after with the finale of the 6th season: "We're moving toward the objective. From the beginning time, our expectation was to advise an entire story — beginning, center and wrap up. we tend to square quantify composing a definitive demonstration at present, and along these lines the last thing we might want to attempt to keep in front of an audience when the play is over."Talking about Targaryens there’s a whole more for the fans of, hot in all sense of the word, Khaleesi aka Danaerys Stormborn aka Mother of Dragons aka Breaker of chains aka…. You got the idea. Actress Emilia Clarke playing the role, is believed to have some of her scenes shot in Spain. Now this might not seem much to you, but you might lose your minds once you get to know about the the locations for the same. Based on what the fans have seen, speculations are being made that one of these location can possibly a Dragonpit which the Khaleesi is believed to visit. This means that season 7 is going to witness an epic battle where on one side we’ll be having Mad Queen Cersie with the Westrosi army and her Green Wildfire while on the other side you’ll see the alliance of Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria with the ever so aggressive Khaleesi, her ever ready Unsullied Army and the furious Dragons.

1.The Kings in the North
2. A Clash of Queens
3. The Stark Reunion
4. A Smaller World
5. Rise of the Dragons
6. The Lions Roar
7. The Power of the Books
8. The Fall of the Wall
9. The Winds of Winter
10 The Beginning of the End

Talking more about Cersie Lannister (Lena Headey), who by the end of season 6, earned the nickname, the Mad Queen, there are some hints dropped by the producers themselves. David Bennioff and D.B. Weiss declared in an interview that the season 7 has a lot to reveal about Cersie. According to them till now Cersie’s immense love for her children has evidently been the motivator for all her actions and plans. Since the season 6 ended with her losing her last living child it would be interesting to explore her own moral (or rather immoral) compass. Fans might argue that Cersie still has her brother-cum-lover Jamie by her side but by his look in the final moments of season 6 finale it was pretty clear that Cersie indeed was the in charge in the relationship and would be the one to decide in what direction it may go. It is also being expected that the viewers might see a good side of the character in the upcoming season.

And as we are discussing about changing sides, there is something more that the viewers should be ready for. Among the various theories being made about the season, the most prominent seems to be the one about the series’ “so far Heroes” to be “villains” this time. Yes you read that right! If the sources are to be believed, three of the most loved characters in the series, Jon, Arya and Sansa collectively known as the Starks are believed to be revealing their darker sides in the next season. And the sources that we are talking about are quite prominent. It’s none other than the actress Maisie Williams playing the role of Arya Stark who revealed in an interview that her actions in the season 7, along with what Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) might do, are expected to “ricochet” on the Starks’ morality as well as psychology. Not only just Maisie but the actress Sophie Turner also hinted that her character Sansa might show her sadistic and villainous shades alongside Lord Petyr Baelish aka Little Finger (Aidan Gillen). Sansa who was seen to have some kind of barbarous pleasure while her ex-husband was fed to the hounds might go all negative in the next season along with her sister and half-brother.


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